Northern OuterRealm Paranormal Society

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Here is a list of our equipment we use.

K2 Meter

Emf Mel meter

Rem pod

Edi Meter all in one

this has A Emf reader and Temp and also has vibration tection and also has air change.


we use this to go facebook live and to record video it has modified for night vision.

Kinect cam

we use this device to see things our eyes can't if it detects a spirit it will come on the tablet software as a stick figure. we will ask for them to move there arms or wave or touch one of us.

this is what the kinect cam software looks like.

you can see the investigator on the right and then on the left you can a small stick figure we asked for he or she to touch her hand and you can see the arms move and grab her hand and the investigator said she felt a cold spot on her hand.

Voice recorder
every investigator will carry one we use this to capture EVPS.

Dowsing rods

we will use these for another way to communicate with the spirits.

Ovilus 5

this device will generate words in the database somtimes it comes back with words that fit in with the investigation.

360 Parascope


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