Northern OuterRealm Paranormal Society

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Here we will talk about any news that is with the team and upcoming events and investigations.


A few of the team members will be going Back to Edinburgh Manor on Sunday for one night. We were also asked to help with paranormal event in south Dakota in Oct we will be doing a private investigation at the end of Aug to get a layout of the place and to get some evidence before the event. We are also going to Mc Villa Mansion in Kansas at the end of Oct and also The Sallie house. We will try and go facebook live during those depending on cell phone service. We have been vary busy trying to catch up with evidence and posting new stuff on the web site and youtube. we will be adding new stuff within the next few weeks so keep a look out for that. If you think you home has paranormal activity give us a call or text or email we are here to help all of our services are free we dont charge a thing. 


Paracon was a success we would like to thank everyone who stoped b. we are now on Tik Tok so fallow us on there if we get 1,000 we can go live during investigations. We will be posting more videos.


We will be going to Edinburgh Manor.


we have been super busy already on investigations we where at Thayer bed & breakfast and then we did a two day stay at Farrar. We will be going threw all the evidence and we will be posting them on the web site and Facebook. We also have a new team member Cindy. We will be at the July Paracon convention up in Duluth MN we will be having a booth there so stop by and say hi to team and to watch and listen to some of are evidence.


Sorry it took so long to get the webiste up and running. Been super busy with locations this summer. Over the next few months we will be going threw evidence and adding new evidence. We are still here to help if you need for us to come to your home or business. We also would like to welcome chistian to the team he has been a great team member. We also got are evidecne shared on the boyd house video on are facebook page. We will also add are big foot adventure we had over the summer with search4sprits.


 Happy st Patrick's day. We have got our summer booked with locations check out are investigation page to see where we are going. We will also be going to the paracon up in Duluth MN we are having a booth there so if your going to be there make sure to stop by and say hi and meet some of the team and listen to some of are evidence. We hope everyone is staying safe during this covd-19 virus.  Also please keep an eye out on are youtube channel as we will be adding more evidence videos if you havnt already like us on youtube to keep updated on when we add more videos and also like us on facebook.


With in the few weeks we will uploading new videos to you tube and to the web site.


What a busy summer we will be going threw all of are evidence over the winter and work more on are web site. We will be taking a break from traveling but we are here for anyone who needs help fill free to contact by email or call. 


NOPS will be joining are friends search 4 spirits on a investigation sept 6th at a old ghost town in MN we will keep everyone posted on what we find. We had a busy summer with investigations we will be going threw our audio and video from our past investigations this summer. We will be taking our nice winter break from public investigations but we are always here for home investigations.  We will also be investigating the Boyd house in MN in OCT. we still are looking for some new members if you are interested in joining the team fill out a application in the meet the team page. If you would like for us to come to your home or business click on the client application. 


Everyone at NOPS would like to wish everyone a happy and safe 4th of July. We are going threw all of our evidence from the investigations over the summer so stay tuned for that.  We also updated the web site gave it a new look. We will also be doing a contest for our upcoming investigation at the Crosby mine site the contest winner will have a chance to investigate with us and also camp with us at a local campground we will have smores and talk about ghost stories so keep an eye out on facebook for that. We would also like to thank everyone for your support and liking us on facebook. We are still looking for full time investigators must be 18 or over and have your own transportation and willing to go on paid investigations you can fill out application on the meet the team page or message us on facebook.


We are booking  our investigations for this summer we will be going to bobby mackies music world and we will be going back to edinburgh keep an  eye out as we will keep booking investigations and posting them and as always we will go facebook live if cell phone service lets us.


We will start booking our upcoming summer investigations keep an eye out on facebook for updates we are still going threw all of our evidence from our past ones we did over the summer it takes allot of time since we had one every other weekend. We hope to do some more big foot hunting. Happy New year hope everyone has a fun and save holiday into the new year.  


We would like to welcome Josh and Tony to the team


Been a busy summer we are still going threw all evidence we got from our last investigations we have just a few more out side investigations left then taking a winter break from the traveling but if you think your home is haunted we are here to help. We will travel anywhere in Mn and Wisconsin.



The team is finishing listening to audio and going of  photoage from Leopolis, WI.  Tomorrow we head to Manilla, IA  to investigate middle school with Shawn and Travis from North Star Paranormal Researchers. Exciting things ahead for us!!!  We  have been working on documentary  and  putting it together.   We are hoping to  release it in the next couple weeks. We will be investigating  "Suicide bridge" August 4th and  still so much more.   Look for us  on Facebook or Youtube for videos from places we have investigated and what we have found.  Thank you for your continued support and helping us grow !! Remember to follow us tomorrow and Sunday for live video from Manilla. We will be interviewing Matt from DPART on activity in the school, brief history and how DPART came to own the middle school.


Been busy busy we are going threw our evidence from Malvern manor and next we will have one from wisconsin then Manilla school house. We are also going back to farrar in Aug super excited for these locations. Keep checking back as we will post evidence once we are all done. If u haven't already like us on facebook to view our live feeds and updates.


June 29th and 30th we will be at Malvern Manor in Iowa we will go facebook live so keep an eye out and if u havent liked us on facebook yet click the facebook link on our web page. 


We were on a pod cast radio u can click on the media sections  that will bring you to the podcast to listen to it. We just finished our evidence from Afton Inn we will post them once we meet with them to show what we captured. Our next investigation will be at Malvern Manor at the end of June we are will be going face book like and also keep checking back for our evidence from Edinburgh Manor once we finish that up.


Sunday we will be going to the Afton inn in Afton MN keep an eye out on our facebook page as we will try and go facebook live.


We are going threw our stuff from the opera house in iowa once we went threw everything we will post it on the web site. Our next investigation will be at Afton House inn In Afton MN. Also here a few videos of the upcoming investigations click here. And remember to watch us live on these investigations follow us on facebook.


we want to welcome Missy, Jesse, And De De to the team. 


We Updated our evidence page and we are now on youtube so follow us on youtube.


We are now looking for two full time members. we would like to find somebody who can do marketing, videos, and photography find information on history on the  locations .  

We are also just looking for a investigator must be 18 or over. if you would like to join the team please fill out a application on the meet the team section on the bottom of the page and one of us will contact you.

 UPDATE- We excited to announce, we are well on our way for booking investigations for this summer. We are headed back to Edinburgh Manor  in April  with our friends from Northstar paranormal Researchers .and then in June we are going to Malvern Manor in Iowa and the William Irving ship in Duluth in July.. Please keep an eye out as we will be doing Facebook live during these investigations and try to answer  questions from those at home, depending on service. 


We just booked our first few investigations for this summer we start off by going to Edinburgh manor in Iowa in April for a two day investigation we will be going live during the investigation we have been to this location before last year. We also will be going to the William Irving ship in duluth we have been there before and got some good evidence there we are excited to be going back to both locations.


We are still working on the web site and facebook page and going threw evidence from  over the summer we are slowly adding stuff to the  web site and facebook. If you have a home or business that you think is haunted please contact us we will contact you back with in 24 hours. We are also gonna be working on investigations for this coming summer so keep en eye out for that. we hope everyone had a great and safe new years and Christmas.

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