Northern OuterRealm Paranormal Society

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Here are the places we have been to.

To here and see what we captured at these locations go to our evidence page.

Paulding Light- Michigan

Archer House Hotel- Northfield MN

Edinburgh Manor-  Monticello, IA

William Irving ship- Duluth MN

The Villisca Axe murder house- Villisca Iowa

Fairmont Hotel - Dead Wood South Dakota

Nopeming Sanatorium- Duluth MN

Calumet inn - Pipestone MN

Farrar School House- Maxwell Iowa

Malvern Manor- Malvern Iowa

Colfax Cemetery- Near Willmar MN

Summerwind Mansion- Wisconsin

Crosby Mine disaster site- Crosby MN

Bobby Mackey's music world- Wilder KY

Dancing goat coffee shops- Minneapolis MN

Places to buy paranormal equipment

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